Itty Bitty Pretty Kitty


My cat's skull, her blanket, wooden miniature doors, polyester resin, silicone caulking, copper, spray paint, patina



box, foam, fabric, glue, glow in the dark powder

Probity sign: version 1

Use for gallery.

Probity sign: version 2

Use for public spaces.

Probity was made as a final for my Advanced 3D class.  I was paired with Dr. Tim Gabrielli, who acted as a patron contracting me for a commissioned work.  In this scenario, Dr. Gabrielli posed as a Muslim man, Imam Gibreel Yan-Uwanci, who worked at a cultural center.  He wanted an instillation piece that dealt with the attacks and protests of Westmoreland county's first mosque.

To interact with Probity, one must remove their shoes and place their face over the hole in the box, covering it completely.  When this is done, the Arabic lettering inside glows.  The position one takes mimics Salat prayer.  The box itself faces westward, the opposite direction of Mecca.

Domestic Display
March 2017
Steel and spray paint.
Domestic Display, part of a collaboration headed by Saige Baxter and assisted by Gabby Walton and myself, are public works made in association with STAMPED and PAAR.  The structures are designed to weave jeans throughout.  This piece is a direct response to a rape case in Italy where a man was found not guilty of rape due to the woman's jeans being deemed too tight to take off.  The shortest structure is 3' x 4' and the tallest being 6'6" x 2'.
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