Hitchens Pillow
foam, fabric, embroidery thread, yarn, airbrushed
Aposta-Tea Set
ceramic, glaze, underglaze
Cups and Saucers
Hollow Be Thy
greenware, glaze, underglaze
4" x 11"
Fill Me With Your Holy Spirit
mixed media; yarn and hemp, woven; bejeweled; found object and spray paint
I Am With You
mexied media; 3D Printed object, acrylic, copper, enamel, screw, wire, and fabric
Flip Bookmark
copper and brass; treated with patina
mixed media; aluminum,  spray paint, fishing wire, tampons, mink fur, deer vertebrae, fabric, lard, corn syrup, food coloring, wood, and found objects
Glass Ceiling Instillation
mixed media: mattress, blanket, fabric, rope, hook, lighting, mesh screening, found glass, silicone, and other found objects (collected at abandoned Westmoreland Glass Company)
Westmoreland Glass Company was founded in 1889 and located in Jeannette, PA.  Six other glass factories operated in Jeannette and was a large glass producer during WWII.  It shut down in 1983 after complete bankruptcy.
This building has been ravished by graffiti, burned mattresses, beer cans, and piles of broken glass.  It currently serves as a cool place for teenagers and homeless to drink and do drugs.
This piece is a reflection on how Jeannette is a poor town that had very little to no opportunities.  Since there is a lack of industry and money into my hometown, there is poor education and barely any resources.
These are the broken pieces of the glass ceiling collapsing on us.
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